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Sometimes it is the simplest shifts in perspective that can change your life!

One of our core brand values is something we call…

Pleasure First!™

Discover for yourself how this simple practice might just change your life!

Your ‘State’ or ‘Stage’ of Sexuality
May Be Affecting Your Pleasure
Discover How In This 5 Minute Video

Your sexual vitality, access to pleasure and fulfillment are affected by many influences…

Your eroticism shifts and changes day to day and over your lifetime. No matter what ‘State of Sexuality’ you are in, you are not broken, or wrong.

One of the 3 pillars of your Core Erotic Blueprint™ is your ‘State’ or ‘Stage’ of sexuality.

Empower yourself and discover what state you are in right now…

In The Next Sample Video

Discover the Obstacles That May Be

Robbing You of Your Pleasure...

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The Transformation of Our Client’s Sex Lives

Is What It’s All About for Us…

Here's what one of our Erotic Freedom Club Members has to say….

In This Next 9 Minute Training
You’ll Discover
The Hidden Killers That May Be Putting
The Brakes On Your Pleasure

Do you feel frustrated and confused by your or your lover’s lack of desire?

Many influences on your sexuality can cause your libido to shift and change over time. Attraction can feel like a mystery, especially when it fades.

Empower yourself! Become your own sex detective and claim the pleasure you deserve!

In this video… Discover the Four Obstacles (or Pathways) to Your Sexual Health and Pleasure

The Most Comprehensive
Sex and Plesaure Education
You Will Find Anywhere

Members of our Club often share how blown away they are by the breadth and depth of the education and support we provide.

Take it from Paul, one of our Club members…

Paul Quote

Discover How Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues
Reveal Your Lover’s Erotic Blueprint™
In This Next 13 Minute Training

Like a superhero who can see through walls, or read someone’s mind…

You can develop the erotic intelligence, and superhero-like skills to determine your lover’s Erotic Blueprint simply by observing how they speak, and how they move through the world.

Knowing their Erotic Blueprint Type™ helps you to become their ultimate lover!

Have You Felt Fulfilled In Your Sexuality?
It’s Time to Get Your Needs Met and
Feed Your Blueprint

Watch and Learn

In This 2 ½ Minute Video
Learn Why ‘Feeding Your Blueprint’
Is Essential to Your Satisfaction

Have You Felt Fulfilled In Your Sexuality? It’s Time to Claim the Pleasure You Deserve!

Have you ever felt bad or wrong for indulging in pleasure? Are you shy about your needs and desires?

Given the shame and judgment that surrounds sex in our society, it is no wonder if you’ve felt this way.

Take a moment to understand why pleasure is not just a fun distraction, but it is the key to your vitality, confidence and aliveness…

Module 4 Bonus You Get…

Tasteful (Clothing-On) Demonstrations
Giving You a Massive Pleasure Vocabulary

Master Pleasure for Every Blueprint Type

You will love seeing and practicing along with video pleasure session, demonstrating how each Blueprint Type is fed and fulfilled…

Both Solo-Play and Partnered Play are on display!

As one of our members Jennifer shares, this module delivers some of the most rewarding and fun orgasmic education you’ll ever get.

“Dirty Talk” - “Sexting”

Can your lover hold powerful presence...
So you are safe to Surrender

Confidently ‘Speaking the Blueprints’


Essential to Your Erotic Mastery

Have you ever had a lover that ALWAYS says the wrong thing when you are at your most aroused, ready to burst and…

Your orgasm is GONE… forever!

Knowing the turn on words and phrases that will drive your lover wild…

Having the embodied, confident presence to inspire your lover’s sexy surrender…

Tapping into arousing foreplay, teasing with sexting or poetry and riding the ecstatic crest to orgasmic climax…

This is what’s possible when you masterfully ‘Speak the Erotic Blueprints.’

These two videos will introduce you to this powerful aspect of your erotic intelligence and sexual satisfaction…

This 6 Minute Video will introduce you to one of the games Jaiya and I used to supercharge our sexy talk….

Transform Your Sex Life
Heal The Shadows of Your Blueprint

You are NOT wrong or broken in your sexuality. There are simply parts of you that have been hurt, shamed, criticized or abandoned.

Healing your Blueprint and taking the foot off the breaks of your pleasure is the most effective approach to freeing up your orgasmic access.

The ‘Healing Blueprints” Module in our course is often the most profound and transformational module for those in our course and community.

Take 5 minutes to watch module 6.2 of Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course, and discover a new, compassionate approach to awakening your true erotic essence.

Each Blueprint has Superpowers
And Shadows

Your Specific Blueprint Shadows
May Be Killing Your Pleasure

This may be the most profound video you will watch in this sampling of our Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course.

What you don’t know about your eroticism may be the very thing that is suppressing pleasure, hurting your ability to connect with yourself or a lover and cutting off your orgasmic potential.

You may discover in this 8:25 minute video the very thing that is hiding in the shadows and see a new possibility for you and experiencing fulfilling intimacy and satisfying sex…

These Videos Are Just a Sample
Of The Over 70 Life-Changing Lessons
In Our…

We Haven’t Even Teased You
With Module 7 (Expanding the Blueprints)
And Module 8 (Hot Sex for a Lifetime)

Open up the entire Pleasure Vault of the complete course, monthly coaching calls and an endless treasure trove of orgasmic bonuses.

The complete training has over 70, easy to follow, fun and actionable videos (like the ones you’ve just watched here).

You will be taken through a journey to…

  • Know your turn ons and turn offs and how to get them fulfilled
  • Have the skills to masterfully discover and feed your lover’s needs and desires
  • Skillfully Feed, Speak, Heal and Expand your Blueprints

Erotic empowerment and sexual satisfaction are yours for the taking.

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This comprehensive and revolutionary 8-Module Blueprint Course will empower you to…

  • Know what turns your body on and gives you the language to get your needs fed and fulfilled in the bedroom
  • Heal the Shadows of your Blueprint that are putting the brakes on your pleasure and robbing you of orgasmic fulfillment
  • Give you the skills and confidence so you can satisfy your lover, no matter what Blueprint Type they are - ending so-called ‘sexual incompatibility’
  • Discover ALL that’s erotically possible, from the safety of your own home!

Capture the value of our signature training, lifetime coaching support and a treasure trove of bonuses for the value of our signature training lifetime coaching support and a treasure trove of bonuses for … just one payment of $1,990!

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