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What is The Erotic Blueprint BreakthroughCourse?

Jaiya here, and I’ll tell you, it is nothing short of the beginning of a sexual (r)evolution.  

The Erotic Blueprints™ have revealed themselves to me over the last 20 years and only a few years ago did I finally figure out the framework and how to use them to transform people’s romantic and sex lives.  

This course is an 8-Week Online deep dive into the Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shape-shifter Erotic Blueprints™. These are the 5 fundamental Erotic Types™ I have discovered.  

What the blueprints give to people is a new, grounded vocabulary for expressing desire so they can get their needs met and create sexual satisfaction in their lives.

They also help with sex mastery skills in providing pleasure to a lover, because you know what to do to turn your lover on - blow their mind, really!  

The Blueprints are powerful framework providing a 360 degree, comprehensive approach to sexual vitality and wholeness.

Beyond the Blueprint Types, our students understand "The Stages of Sexuality": resting, healing, curious, adventurous and transformational and other elements, and we dive into them all.

And we give them tools to transform the 4 Obstacles to Sexual Heath and Pleasure into pathways for a life of deeper intimacy, erotic expansion and sexual satisfaction.

We will also heal the shadows of their sexuality; helping our tribe unravel what blocks them from unleashing their passion and owning their pleasure.

In the course, we offer:

  • Live demos of how to speak, feed and heal the blueprints
  • Games to help participants determine their own and their lover’s blueprints in the course of an evening
  • Practices for participants to discover the orgasmic possibilities of their bodies and map to their ultimate pleasures
  • Techniques for providing mind-blowing pleasure to their lover, no matter their Blueprint Type

In addition, your followers will receive powerful bonus
trainings and support:

  • Monthly Live Video Coaching with Jaiya and Ian
  • 6 free months in our monthly membership group: Erotic Freedom Club™
  • A Companion Audio Course and Blueprint Breakthrough Workbook
  • And "Empowered Erotic Persona Course" - Unleash Your Hidden Eroticism and Claim Sexual Liberation

There is sooo much juicy stuff in this course, and I look forward to getting your support and feedback on this launch.

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The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course is an 8 Week Online Course for $997.00.  

You will receive $300 for each enrollee you refer. Sales will be considered final after 31 days of our close cart and this is when and how we will confirm your affiliate sales and commissions.

If customer purchased a payment plan, affiliate will be paid a percentage each month as we collect from the client.

We look forward to sharing this incredible course with your community, and sharing an abundant commission check with you! 

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