Yes!! You Can Have A Lucrative & Fulfilling Career Helping People Create Epic Sex Lives!!!

Even if you’ve never coached before (or have been coaching for decades and are spinning your wheels)...


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"I wish I didn’t have to do work that sucked my soul. I have more to offer the world than this!"

"I know I could make a difference and I really want to help people with their sex lives. There’s an edge but it’s what I feel called to do."

"Something has to change in this world! We need to educate people about sex, we need to shift the consciousness about sexuality and pleasure, too many people are suffering!"

Me too!

I hated working at J.O.B.s that sucked the life out of me when I knew I had so much I could give. I wanted to make a difference in the world, especially with sex.  

At first I was afraid, what would everyone think?  

At a very young age I felt a calling. I wanted to teach people about sex. I wanted to help them heal their bodies and their relationships. I wanted more pleasure and connection in the world.

I discovered that I wasn’t alone and neither are you.  

Unfortunately, many people called to do this work give up at the dream. They struggle because they don’t have the support to help them through the fears, they don’t know where to turn to learn the skills to really create transformation in people’s lives - especially when it comes to sex.

The whole idea of living their dream seems like a huge uphill battle and there is no one cheering them on or helping them along.  

Being an Erotic Coach is a completely different playing field.  

No matter how much you dream of creating a lucrative, effective, and enjoyable coaching career in sexuality there are a few things you need to thrive:

No matter how much you dream of creating a lucrative, effective, and enjoyable coaching career in sexuality there are a few things you need to thrive:

You must...

1) Have a comprehensive body-based system to help your clients transform their lives 

2) Learn how to masterfully enroll your clients to say “YES” to you as their guide 

Without these 2 essential pieces, your erotic coaching business will never fly, your dream may die in your heart for good.

After 20 years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my coaching business.

Avoid the pitfalls and learn from me! I can’t emphasize this enough.

If you don’t know how to find & enroll clients, you won’t have anyone to create transformation with and, let me tell you, that internet marketing is not the answer.

Neither is your FB page.

If you get clients but don’t know how to create transformation for them, your business will not go very far. You’ll feel frustrated and give up. And giving more time, more sex tips or trying hard to save them won’t work either.

You might get more FB friends, your clients might learn something cool, you might make some small changes for them; but you won’t have the lucrative and fulfilling career you set out to have. And most likely you will go back to doing what you’ve been doing. Bummer :(

Many couples and singles have been given advice that quite simply won’t work for them. Don’t get me wrong, there are many therapists and sexuality educators who do great work (I refer and partner with many of them), but something is missing.

They’ve been taught an old model. Pour her a hot bath. Give him sexual favors. Do some games to spice up your love life. Learn a new trick or technique.

Educators and therapists simply haven’t been given the whole picture. And don’t get me started on the lack of business and prosperity training…

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ System combined with somatic coaching and client enrollment skills are REQUIRED if you want to create transformation and make money doing it!

How can I say this with such certainty?

For the last 20 years I’ve been a Sexuality Coach. I’ve coached thousands of private clients, led hundreds of events, and have spoken on stages all over the world.

And even though I had written 4 books, been on major media (Good Morning America, Nightline, Anderson Cooper, and many more) and knew every sex technique and position (even created a few new ones), I didn’t have a successful business, I wasn’t making the impact and creating the transformation I wanted to create.

I had a big mission to heal shame about sex and to use education to shift the consciousness about sexuality on this planet so that all people could be free to express themselves erotically and feel totally safe to be who they are.

I could feel my mission dying inside of me. After 15 years, I wanted to give up. I felt so isolated and alone. I wanted to quit.  

After all these years, I realized something I was missing. YOU!!

And a body-based system that created transformation.

I know the one thing that will stop your dreams in their tracks: the lack of a system that creates both a lucrative career and epic transformation for your clients.

I feel sick to my stomach when I see people who I know really want to make a difference on this planet get stuck. I watch them isolate, I watch them complain that they don’t get paid enough, that they have to work another job just to keep their passion going, and I watch them struggle with helping their clients succeed long term.

But there’s something even deeper.

I feel sick when I watch the level of consciousness on this planet around sexuality. (Warning What I’m About Say Could Be Triggering) The “Me Too” movement has shed a light on the dark side. I don’t want another woman (or anyone) being raped again. I don’t want couples fighting about sex and divorcing because they couldn’t crack the code. I don’t want another young girl trafficked. I’m done with it.

I know you are too.

And I want to do something. That’s why I created the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach Certification Program. It wasn’t that I wanted to quit. I was scared of my mission. I thought I had to do it all alone. But the truth was I just needed to create a team of coaches and leaders.

I needed you.

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach Certification Program

Get Started On The Path To Transforming Sex Lives And Creating a Fulfilling Career As An Erotic Coach  

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach Certification Program is a Live Online Course designed to help you create confidence, wisdom and success as an Erotic Coach, so that we can change the world!

What’s Included?

Video Trainings in a Revolutionary Erotic System

Scripts to Book High Paying Clients

Video Demos of Breakthrough Coaching Processes

Bonus Resources to Solve Your Client’s Issues

Transformational 3 Day In Person Coach Training (optional)

Here Are the Skills and Transformational Tools You Will Learn In Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach Certification Program:


Somatic Coaching Skills & Client Plans

  • What is the difference between a somatic coach and a regular coach?
  • How do you create transformation vs. just learning?
  • Gaining and teaching empathy and how to combine that with fierceness to help clients work through resistances.
  • Goal setting and motivation - how to create a success plan for your client.


Intro To The Core Erotic Blueprint System

  • Help your client understand and gain awareness of their Core Erotic Blueprint.
  • How to create a thorough map for your client, giving them the whole picture of their sexuality.
  • Ways to use the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course with your clients for deeper learning and to make your coaching time easier and more effective.
  • Why this system blows most sex advice out the window!


Determining Core Erotic Blueprints

  • What is Somatic or Body-Based Coaching & how does that create transformation and set you apart from other coaching models?
  • Learn games to give your clients so that they get the information, embodied.
  • Become proficient at determining anyone’s blueprint and helping them to understand and birth their erotic self.
  • Begin to create erotic maps that give your client clear insights into their unique sexual needs.


How To Feed The Blueprints

  • Be able to feed all 5 of the Erotic Blueprint types so that you can teach your clients to do the same.
  • Learn embodiment games to play with your clients so that they feel fed and fulfilled.
  • Build your Erotic Blueprint tool kit - so much fun! Great for sharing with your clients what toys/tools bring satisfaction.
  • Continue to deepen your understanding of Somatic Based Coaching.


How to Speak The Blueprints

  • Going beyond naughty talk… learning to speak is about creating passion through congruency.
  • Continue to feed the Blueprints with the right words, gestures, vocal tone and body language.
  • Learn more about your own voice and body language and how that presents on video, stage and in person.


Sexual Healing & Blueprint Shadows

  • Learn a powerful technique to help your clients heal the shadow sides of their Blueprints.
  • Understand more about overcoming physical, emotional, chemical, and energetic challenges your client struggles with.
  • Begin to create resources for your clients so that they can improve their hormone health, sexual dysfunctions, nutrition and more.


Expanding The Blueprint

  • How do you help your client to expand into new sexual territory, especially when they are resistant or it feels absolutely foreign to them?
  • Transform your client’s sexual limitations and help them find new pathways to pleasure.
  • Create labs and challenges for your client to rewire and expand into new pleasurable possibilities they didn’t know existed.
  • Heal relationships by giving your clients a new vocabulary for sexual satisfaction. 


Creating Hot Sex For a Lifetime

  • Give your clients a Master Plan for their next steps of creating hot sex for a lifetime.
  • Discover how to make your own frameworks and coaching program outlines.
  • Get super hot testimonials from your clients that also help them see how much they have transformed through working with you and doing the work.
  • Learn the art of re-enrolling your client in further work with you, should they desire to continue their journey.

Additional Support:

  • Each module contains a recorded demonstration session with real clients.
  • Effective Enrollment & Easy Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Monthly Q & A Coach Support Calls With Jaiya.
  • Coach Assessment Process - Jaiya Gives Feedback On Your Recorded Coaching.


Brand New - Easy 12 Month Payment Plan





Best Value

One Payment Of 


Payment Plans

Four Monthly Payments Of 



Most coaches don’t get enough real-time practice time with feedback from the originator of the program. At this event, you will work with and get live feedback from Jaiya.  

Embody everything you learned in the on-line training! You can get on stage, work hands-on practicing embodied games and client transformation and boost your coaching confidence. Plus, you learn skills for enrolling clients from stage and deepen your coach ethics - all in a safe container based on a foundation of consent.  

Value: $1997.00

 Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

You will need skills for helping clients move through many different types of sexual challenges. Many of our coaches call Ignite Your Passion “Jaiyapedia” because it is like an encyclopedia of information to help people create more sex, more desire and hot sexual fulfillment. This has been a great resource both personally and professionally!  

Here’s a quick layout of some of the things you will learn:  

Module One: Erotic Blueprint Foundation Module Two: Communication For Connection Module Three: Frequent Fulfilling Sex Module Four: Irresistible Magnetic Attraction Module Five: Thriving Sexual Health & Vitality Module Six: Advanced Sex Skills & Erotic Secrets 

Value: $997.00

Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

Doing your own personal work is vital to becoming a great coach. This 2-day event is designed to help you grow in your own Sexuality and to begin to birth your erotic self. And if you have partner they are invited to attend so that you can grow together in your sexual relationship.  

This event will be held directly after the 3-day Coaching Event - so plan on 5 days of sexy fun! It’s so new we don’t even have a name for it yet!

Value: $1997.00

Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

The biggest missing piece to much of the sex advice available today is a comprehensive look at a person’s sexuality. That is why the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ is a required prerequisite for your Coach Certification.  

This course is the foundation of learning to become an Erotic Blueprint Coach. You will have the option to take the class live or to watch recorded class on your own time.

Value: $497.00

Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

Transformation is accelerated and reinforced by the support of a community with shared values - Erotic Freedom Club™ is our sexy and supportive online community.  

What you get as a monthly member of Erotic Freedom Club™:

  • Super Sexy Sex Lab - Live demonstration and ideas for creating your own sexy discovery session at home
  • Embody It! - These 15-30 minute practices help you to take what you learn and bring it into your body
  • Monthly Q and A Love Seat Calls - get one-on-one breakthrough coaching with Jaiya and Ian

Value: $828.00

Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

12 months of complimentary licensing fees granted to get your practice going (you must pass certification requirements to be eligible). 

Honestly, I believe that the entire sexuality coaching industry needs to be upleveled. We are committed to providing a high level education and licensing program that is on the cutting edge of sexuality education. 

This certification/licensure may be unlike others you have joined. We are determined to give you ongoing sexuality and coaching education and business building support to make sure you are among the best in the business. In addition, we are upleveling the industry by requiring that you follow a code of professional ethics

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach Certification has an ongoing licensing investment to keep your certification active. Your licensing dues give you a wealth of benefits and support as you can see from the bonuses described on this page. 

As a bonus for enrolling now, you will receive 1 full year of licensing absolutely free. Your free year begins after you have successfully received your certification and signed your licensing agreement. Another bonus: your licensing monthly $147 / yearly $1,497 rate will be locked in for life and will not be increased.

Licensing Includes:

2 Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Courses for your clients per month

During your training, you will dive deep into our Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™. This is the foundation of our work with clients and you will have this course as a resource to use with your clients. This course retails for $497 and your first 24 students are given access as part of your Licensing Agreement. You can sell the course as part of your coaching program. This a $11,928.00 value by itself!

Your clients will also receive 3 months free in Erotic Freedom Club™

Our members online community where they get the kind of support that only a community can offer. Let Erotic Freedom Club™ help you accelerate your client’s growth and get direct access to Jaiya through the forums to get support with their transformation.

Quarterly Continuing Education Classes With Jaiya and Industry Experts

The Erotic Blueprint™ Methodology is always evolving. As a Certified Coach you will be kept up to date with the latest developments in the Erotic Blueprint™ Methodology as well as evolving practices and concepts in the sexuality coaching field.

You will also receive ongoing education from Jaiya and leading industry experts.

We will not only give you in depth teaching to enhance your coaching skills and efficacy, we will also teach you how to enroll new clients, build a group coaching practice and expand your business through leveraged business models (less of your time, serving more people with increased revenue).

In addition, you will get education about online marketing, speaking from stage and specific tools to use during enrollment calls

Use these tools to massively increase your client enrollment. To make a difference and change lives, you have to have clients. We’ll help get you there.

Access to Email Support

Facebook Erotic Blueprint Coaching Community Page. (This is one of the best ways to get questions answered quickly and get support from your fellow coaches as you develop your skills)

Use of Trademarked Erotic Blueprints ™ Name

Your Listing on our Erotic Blueprint Certified Coaches Referral Page  

Marketing Tools/Resources:

  • Surveys
  • Demographic Research
  • Logos/Banners/Memes 

Additional Teaching Curriculums:

  • Weekend Workshop
  • Public Speaking 
  • Group Coaching .

Value: $1764.00

Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

Want some perks to encourage new clients to enroll? How about being able to give them refundable tickets to a 3 day live event?  

Or maybe you want to invite your friends into your sexy world?  

Enjoy 10 tickets to our biggest event where people learn about Erotic Blueprints and create their ultimate relationship! 

Value: $9,970.00

Included with Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™Coach Certification Program

These Bonuses On Their Own Are Worth Over $18,000.00

We have the systems to help you:

  • Transform sex lives and relationships
  • Enroll new clients, so that you can build a lucrative coaching career
  • Teach your own weekend workshop
  • Build a 1:1 or group erotic coaching practice
  • Create your own hot juicy sex life by continuing to master this system
  • If you have an existing practice, upgrade by being able to offer this revolutionary erotic coaching to clients who need it.

Here’s What Previous Students Have Had To Say About The Erotic Blueprint Coach Certification Program: 

"I Was Able To Confidently Double My Rate And My Sex Life Has Gone From Cold To Hot!!!"

"The Erotic Blueprint™ curriculum blew-up my confidence and business.

When I joined the program, I was disconnected, but I wanted to be an embodiment of erotic sexuality, intimate love, and amazing relationship. I wanted to understand and own sexuality at my core.

Since joining the program, my sex life has gone from cold to hot, rich and juicy which makes it easy for me to drop the word "fraud" as me being a sexuality coach.

Understanding the Erotic Blueprints and how they reignite passionate love, allowed me to show up confidently as a coach and create a more profound way of creating intimacy with my clients.

The structure of the programs was easy to digest and implement. I was able to find my own unique voice and radiance and the coaching tools allowed me to be able to hold a powerful container of transformation for my clients.

Jaiya’s generosity is one of a kind, her live workshops are informative and practical, her step by step modules are in-depth and easy to understand. She (Jaiya) is truly an embodiment of erotism and that’s what I’ve truly desired to be... I got it.

Because of this program, I’ve been able to confidently double the rate of my 6 months program from $4K to $7.5K. I’m able to close the sales because of the uniqueness of the blueprint. I’ve also been invited to be interviewed on podcasts as an erotic influencer all over Europe and Africa.

If you desire to be an embodiment of sexuality then Jaiya’s erotic blueprint coaching program is what you need."

- Joyce Oladipo, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2018

"I Went From Deep Pain Personally To A Passionate Relationship and Struggling Professionally To Being Able to Charge $25K For My Coaching. This Work Will Change The State Of Our Planet!"

"When I first found Jaiya's Erotic Blueprint work I was struggling personally. I was single, in deep pain, and was yearning for another to love, grow intimately with, and who I could share my passions and pleasures with. I was sick of having unsatisfying sexual experiences. I wanted to reclaim my power, my needs, my desires, and have the satisfying experiences I knew were available. I was experiencing so much shame and embarrassment around something that is so natural and can feel so incredible and I just couldn't figure out why I was feeling this way. 

Professionally, things were about the same. I was working as a High Performance Coach and Sex Therapist, and was miserable in my work because it wasn't fulfilling and something felt off. I knew I needed to make a transition, but I could not find the clarity around what that was. The indecisiveness and uncertainty had me feel like I was chained to a St. Andrew's Cross.  

Enough was enough...and I was ready to do something about it.  

Im answer to my declaration I was invited to Jaiya’s Path two Passion event. I didn't have enough money at the time, but I HAD TO GO! So I moved what I could around, asked friends and family for support, and worked a few extra jobs to make it happen. I am beyond grateful, every day, that I said yes! I have had so many a-ha's and insights from that one event. In fact I'm still having them...more so than any therapy I had been to or other personal development affair. I needed more from Jaiya. I was so thankful that a few months after the event, Jaiya decided to open up her very first round of the Certified Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach program. I said, "Yes!" and haven't looked back since. Not only was the program in the field I had worked in for over a decade, but it's in alignment with the work I am planning on doing for the rest of my life.  

Now, because of the Erotic Blueprints and the Coach program, I'm in one of the most incredible, loving, intimate, growth orientated, stable yet passionate, supportive relationships I've ever been in. I'm with a man who allows, encourages, and accepts me for who I authentically am and who helps me grow and expand every day. We are both able to see, understand, and validate each other and can communicate in ways I never knew were possible. I truly believe that if it weren't for learning, studying, and incorporating the Blueprints into my life, there is no way we would be together. It was because of the Erotic Blueprints that I could understand what my partners needs were without him having to express them and I could show up for him in the way he needed me to without necessarily knowing it. AND because he is learning and practicing the Erotic Blueprints, he is able to do the same for me!  

Personally, I am shifting through and healing some deep wounds within the sex and sexuality world and am growing every day. I am able to understand how my needs are shifting and I can communicate them so people around me can support me versus me hiding, withdrawing, projecting, or making excuses. I am getting my needs met, am discovering new desires, and again, am able to communicate it so my partner can show up in his greatest and not try to "read my mind".  

Did I mention that I'm surrounded by the most incredible and supportive community I've ever been a part of! I know that if I'm ever having a bad day or struggling with something or need some validation, I can go to the Erotic Freedom Club or the coach community and they will be there for me - without judgment, disappointment, criticism, or any other negative experience.  

 Professionally, the Blueprints have been a game-changer for me. Hands down Jaiya's program is one of the BEST coaching certification programs out there. This coming from someone who has been through at least 5 other certification programs (costing 10s of thousands of dollars) and has a Bachelors and Masters degree - If I had known about Jaiya's program before all of that, I would have taken her program first and wouldn't have needed any of the others. It is that good! Jaiya provides more value, insight, and support than any class or program I've ever taken. Period.  

It's because of her program that I can charge, with confidence and grace, over 25K for a year-long transformational experience with me. I know my value and my worth, and I know that my clients will walk away from our time together transformed, meeting their goals and outcomes, and having the incredible sex lives they always wanted. My clients are able to have easy, significant wins in a taboo subject and I love that seeing them in so much joy, pleasure, confidence, and radiance. I cannot say thank you enough to Jaiya for creating this course. It is one I wish every school (elementary thru college), every religion, and every human on could experience. I truly believe that this work could, and will, change the state of our planet."

- Kayce Neil, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2017

"Paid Off My Investment With My First Two Clients, Am Making A Huge Impact And I’m Happier Than Ever Before!"

"I started my Erotic Blueprint as a single mom with a vision - I had very little money and was living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to start a business of my own. I was full of shame for not being able to provide for my son, and kept debating getting a 'regular job' and killing my passion.  

On New Year's Eve, I had decided I'd give this entrepreneur thing one more try. I randomly googled 'sex coach certification' and Jaiya's facebook page popped up. I'd never seen her or met her before. I watched her fb live and instantly felt in alignment. I signed up for her coaching program in full, put it all on my credit card and then cried - what if it doesn't work? what if I'm being irresponsible? Over the next few months I realized how incredibly SMART of a decision that was.  

Jaiya's program delivers above and beyond the investment. She is so generous with her knowledge, information, and support - there was literally no way that I was going to fail. In August, I graduated as a Certified Erotic Blueprint coach and booked two clients that first weekend, which totally paid off the investment that I had to borrow in order to do the training! It's been a year since then- I've had incredible clients and have been able to make a huge impact in their lives.  

I'm so excited that this inner urge, this inner longing of changing the face of sexuality in the world is finally coming to fruition and I'm so glad I decided to trust Jaiya and commit 100% to the certification process. My son is taken care of and his mama is happier than ever before - I have a pep in my step now knowing that I get to live every day in alignment with my vision. I don't take it for granted and am eternally grateful!"

- Genevieve Rudolph, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2017

"I Have Clients On A Waiting List!!"

“Before I became an Erotic Blueprint Coach I was struggling with my next step in fulfilling my purpose. I was extremely fragile, I had just healed from grieving the death of my father, a long term relationship, and losing a best friend, which had halted my plans to go to grad school for counseling.  

I felt stuck in my job, it was just a comfortable means to an end but I had no other options or plans. Then I got the email about Jaiya’s coaching program. I had immense trust in her... She was my sex educator guru who had taught me how to female ejaculate, give amazing oral and communicate my needs and desires through her Erotic Blueprint discovery. I still had resistance though! I had a major YES, but a big mystery as to how I would pay for it which overshadowed the yes… If it wasn’t for my Mom contacting me and nudging me to move forward with it, I probably would’ve let that resistance keep me from this incredible opportunity. As soon as I said “YES” a path was easily carved.  

This program revealed so much about my past relationship patterns and how I didn’t have the skills, tools or education to communicate my needs in a way that wasn’t triggered & passive aggressive. I had light bulb after light bulb go off! The deep wisdom that Jaiya shared explained so much about how I needed to take responsibility and care for my body’s needs. It also provided an awareness of how to navigate my sexuality with clarity & ease. The amount of support Jaiya supplies in this program sets you up for success. As long as you believe in yourself and move forward, this is a recipe for greatness.  

Now I walk confidently because I’m now empowered in my sexuality. I feel like a sex wizard! I’m confident that I can experience the most transformational sex and continually raise the pleasure ceiling throughout my lifetime. My sex life is the best I’ve ever had, full of excitement and discovery. I feel so connected to my partner and understood sexually that sometimes I think we are one being. I owe this all to the Erotic Breakthrough Coaching Course.  

Once I was licensed as a Erotic Blueprint Coach, I committed to taking this coaching career and expanding it with all my effort for a year to see where it would get me. It’s been 1 year & I am currently leading workshops monthly in Portland, Oregon and the response is pure excitement from people! People are hungry for this information! I’ve expanded into new roles of business owner, entrepreneur, public speaker, sex educator, promoter, accountant, leader, coach and healer. I currently have clients on a waitlist. I absolutely love my clients and see them experience so much growth from this course, it fuels & fulfills me. I’m so proud that I get to help people connect and experience big pleasure in their lives, something this world needs so much more of.”

- Jessie M. Fresh, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2017

"I Gained A Foundational Piece That Was Missing!"

“I have had a sexuality coaching practice for 3 years, and it has been a struggle. I have been challenged with finding clients, creating programs and filling my workshops. Having the confidence in myself and my abilities as a coach has also been a contributor to my lack of success. How could I possibly be effective when I was not thriving in my own personal relationship? There have been many times that I have been tempted to give up and go find a 9 to 5 job so that I could contribute financially to our family. For I had yet to have more than a four figure business.  

I saw Jaiya present last summer at an event I was attending and the Blueprints made so much sense to me. The Erotic Blueprints offered a foundational piece that I was missing, both personally and professionally.  

Through my journey, the journey with my practice partner’s, and the framework of the Blueprints I have much more clarity and confidence. In myself, as a partner and as a coach. My relationship with my partner is better than ever, as we continue to explore and expand; my practice partner’s relationship has shifted, deepened and expanded; and my coaching skills have developed and strengthened. All of my other sexuality and coach training weaves in beautifully within the foundational framework of the Blueprints. I am so grateful for the support of this community and for this amazing body of work. And so excited to be certified and share this work.”

- Angela Thurston, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2018

"It Was Worth Every Peso! I Went From An Overwhelmed Coach To Feeling Delicious Safety!"

“I was feeling overwhelmed, I was already a Professional Coach and board member to the International Coach Federation chapter Mexico, but something was missing.  

I had left my Corporate Job as a Publicist and had focused completely on my Coaching Business and was so overwhelmed I could not get my nervous system to relax.  

I had followed Jaiya and her mission and work for 9 years but didn't have the money to invest in one of her programs. I asked for a loan and it was worth every peso I invested!  

I live in Mexico City and my favorite part was going to LA and meeting all the people in the program and on Jaiya's pleasure team. I started the program with no knowledge that it was my energetic part that was so overwhelmed. I learned how to set boundaries for myself and feed my extrovert introvert in the most delicious way, with safety.”

- Poly Om, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2017

"Erotic Blueprint Coaching Has Brought My Vision To Another Level!"

“The Erotic Blueprint Coaching Program has given me a well grounded framework to work with people in support of their intimacy and relationships.  

It has brought my vision to another level where I have felt alive and accepted in ways in which I had never felt before. Knowing myself and others, loving all those pieces of our being that may have seen unlovable has made a huge impact in my life and with my husband.  

The community of like-minded people who attend the program are extremely supportive and professional.  

This program takes a huge step in reframing the way in which we learn and embody our sexuality. Concepts such as: consent, pleasure first, being raw and real, health and vitality among others, have had a huge impact in my everyday life. Thank you Jaiya!”

- Talina Glavez, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2018

"2 Weeks After Graduation I’m Off & Running - Confident I Can Make An Impact!"

“Becoming an Erotic Blueprint coach has shifted my life in an entirely new and amazing direction.  

Before I entered the program, I had done the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course (EBBC), been in Erotic Freedom Club, and generally plunged pretty much head-first into all that Jaiya and the community had to offer in the way of support and learning. But I was struggling with many parts of my personal sexuality and relationships. I had done coaching training in other venues, but not really felt confident and competent to coach anyone, especially around relationships or intimacy.  

The Erotic Blueprint coaching program gave me the tools and confidence to know that I can understand another person's blueprint(s) and how that impacts their relationships, and the assurance I can work with them to find their own goals and path toward greater intimacy and greater pleasure. The coach community is an amazing group of people who have supported and encouraged me daily. Jaiya's personal attention to the coach community and her honest, transparent leadership have inspired me to be more honest and authentic in every interaction.  

Becoming a blueprint coach was an intensive time of learning about myself and others. In the process of learning how to give others this set of tools to learn more about their relationships, I have acquired the same tools myself at a more complete level than from simply having taken the EBBC. The course gave such a boost to my confidence in my coaching skills that and I am already (two weeks after completing it) off and running in search of the clients who need my particular experiences and vision.”

- David Miron, Erotic Blueprint Coach Class of 2018

Putting It All Together:

Erotic Blueprint Coach Certification Program:

8 Module Live Online Training Support

  • 8 Pre-Recorded Demonstration Sessions With Real Life Clients
  • Effective Enrollment & Easy Entrepreneurship Program
  • Monthly Coach Q & A Zooms
  • Access To Past Continuing Education Classes
  • Support documents  


3-Day Live Coach Immersion Event 2 - Day - New Event! Ignite Your Passion Online Program 12 Months Licensing

  • Erotic Blueprint Methodology
  • Coach Community
  • Erotic Freedom Club
  • 24 Erotic Blueprint Courses
  • 10 Tickets to Path To Passion  

Without exaggerating, what you are about to learn can kick start you into a lucrative 6-figure, even 7-figure career helping people create more fulfilling and free sexual lives.  

Most of our coaches make their investment back just by booking two or three clients!!!  

The bonuses we're offering you are valued over $18,000.00 alone

Many of these bonuses were created for a program my VIPs currently invest over $30,000 to join.  

There’s simply no other sexuality based coaching program like this anywhere. We offer you a system that works (Erotic Blueprints), we offer you training in somatic coaching (setting you apart in the coaching world), and training to enroll your clients in a big fat YES!!! - And we’ll do it together.

My goal is to help you become a sexuality coach who is ethical, wisdom filled, successful and who creates radical transformation for their clients and students.

Okay, you’re still reading this.

Seriously. If you’ve had this dream, this passion to help people with their sexuality, to do it as a career, to shift the conversation about sexuality on this planet, to uplevel the consciousness, to end the pain and shame around sex…

You owe it to yourself to take this leap.

Join me. Join us. I haven’t even begun to touch the surface about how amazing the already certified coaches are and how supportive the community is. Or how much of my time you get as a coach.

This program and you mean so much to me. You are the legacy, the future of this work and of my mission on this planet. I want to nurture you - help you to fly.

And unfortunately, I see a world that needs a lot of help right now. There’s confusion. There’s darkness and people need leaders in sexuality to help light the way.

That’s why my goal is to help you become an ethical, wisdom filled, and successful leader who creates radical transformation!!!

And, I know that the path to get there is by teaching you the skills I wish I had when I was starting out. I needed the system. I didn’t know the system. I didn’t have the Erotic Blueprints. I didn’t know how to enroll clients. I was in isolation trying to figure it all out by myself.


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Some FAQs

Is there an application process?

Yes, once you are enrolled in the course you will be asked to fill out an application so that we can learn more about who you are and to ensure that coaching program is the right fit for you.

You will hear about your approval with 3-4 business days of your enrollment.

How is this different from other Sexuality Coaching programs?

Our coaching program is based on a comprehensive system called the Erotic Blueprints and is a body-based (somatic) framework of coaching.

Professionally, the Blueprints have been a game-changer for me. Hands down Jaiya's program is one of the BEST coaching certification programs out there. This coming from someone who has been through at least 5 other certification programs (costing 10s of thousands of dollars) and has a Bachelors and Masters degree - If I had known about Jaiya's program before all of that, I would have taken her program first and wouldn't have needed any of the others. It is that good! Jaiya provides more value, insight, and support than any class or program I've ever taken. Period. - Kayce Neil, Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach

How long is the course, when does it start and when are the live classes held?

You will receive some of your course materials shortly after your application to become a coach is approved.

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is a prerequisite to this course. You will receive the course instantly but can also take it live November 2018.

Coach Certification training begins January 12th, 2019 and runs until May 11th, 2019 You will then have 3 months to complete your coaching assessment which is required for certification.

The Live Event Schedule: Coach Training May 15th - 17th 2019 New Event May 18th & 19th Path To Passion - TBA  

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, you are required to take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course before or during your coach training. This is the core foundation to our coach program.

What if I miss a class?

All classes will be recorded so that you can watch them at a later time, however we encourage you being there live since all of our classes are very interactive.

What is the deadline to enroll?

The Early Bird Deadline is September 5th, 2018. After this deadline, the investment to enroll in the program will be $7997.00.

The Deadline to sign up for the course will be December 31st, 2018. 

Do you have any discounts or scholarships?

The Early Bird discount is $2000. If you miss the deadline (September 5th 2018) then we will be unable to offer you this discount in the future.

We do offer a very competitive internship program - at this time we do not have any openings for this program.

What if I don’t want to become a coach but I want all this juicy information?

There are some people who decide to take the coach training for their own personal growth. You are welcome to join us and grow along with us as part of this program.  

We also have several other programs you may want to consider:  

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course Erotic Freedom Club Ignite Your Passion On-Line Path To Passion Live Event